Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walk The Canal: Local Music

Regarding the band:  The Canal 

Indianapolis, IN.  The Canal— in a sense, is the blood that runs through the heart of the city.  In all seasons, day or night, its calming flow invites Indianapolis’ own to come walk alongside.  This landmark can be inspiring, and has fueled inspiration for enigmatic front man Shy Holder.  His words are bold, but his flow is gentle.  When you listen to The Canal, you’ll get the impression of a man haunted by his past relationships, the good, the ugly, the heart-wrenching, the un-escapable moments of his life.  The Canal has legitimate potential to stroll into the musical lime light, but don’t forget that they’re already holding high spirited and exhilarating live shows with fans that love to dance and listen to their music.
                  With a unique vision, or ear per say, of how music should sound, it’s difficult to make a comparison of The Canal’s style with other contemporary artists.  At first blush, I would like to say ‘narrative symphony’ but even this isn’t entirely accurate.  They have some influences from folk music, but definite similarities to modern music.  From the acoustic groove of Dave Matthews and the emotional rock of the All American Rejects, The Canal paints a spectrum of sound.  There lies common ground for any listener to enjoy and identify with.   Shy Holder’s vocals are more hip-hop than song, but unlike the rap giants of today, he makes it clear he understands humility; yet, he certainly carries the charisma to assert a powerful, poignant voice. 
Like any worthwhile art, it would take a 1000 words to begin describing The Canal.  So I won’t attempt it.  Instead, give them a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Listen to them here!/walkthecanal?v=app_2405167945