Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walk The Canal: Local Music

Regarding the band:  The Canal 

Indianapolis, IN.  The Canal— in a sense, is the blood that runs through the heart of the city.  In all seasons, day or night, its calming flow invites Indianapolis’ own to come walk alongside.  This landmark can be inspiring, and has fueled inspiration for enigmatic front man Shy Holder.  His words are bold, but his flow is gentle.  When you listen to The Canal, you’ll get the impression of a man haunted by his past relationships, the good, the ugly, the heart-wrenching, the un-escapable moments of his life.  The Canal has legitimate potential to stroll into the musical lime light, but don’t forget that they’re already holding high spirited and exhilarating live shows with fans that love to dance and listen to their music.
                  With a unique vision, or ear per say, of how music should sound, it’s difficult to make a comparison of The Canal’s style with other contemporary artists.  At first blush, I would like to say ‘narrative symphony’ but even this isn’t entirely accurate.  They have some influences from folk music, but definite similarities to modern music.  From the acoustic groove of Dave Matthews and the emotional rock of the All American Rejects, The Canal paints a spectrum of sound.  There lies common ground for any listener to enjoy and identify with.   Shy Holder’s vocals are more hip-hop than song, but unlike the rap giants of today, he makes it clear he understands humility; yet, he certainly carries the charisma to assert a powerful, poignant voice. 
Like any worthwhile art, it would take a 1000 words to begin describing The Canal.  So I won’t attempt it.  Instead, give them a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Listen to them here!/walkthecanal?v=app_2405167945

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sleigh Bells brings the new "Kids" on the block

Brooklyn brings its finest.  We're talking in your face, no holds barred, absolute style in bits.  Imagine if Tom Morello was tearing it up at club owned by Jay Z.  And for a moment you swear that the crazy sexy girl singing is M.I.A.  Pay attention to the song "Kids" by Sleigh Bells and you might think back to the days when that beastie boy style was king.  This girl makes katie perry sound so two thousand and. um, well just so 2000 and zero.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flo Rida and Akon wax philosophy.

Referring to their song: Who Dat Girl

Ever have that moment, when you see the most important chance in your life? There’s certainly a buzz that comes with imagining how things could/should play out.  Followed by the numb awe that comes with seeing all the obstacles that lie between...but the best part is figuring out if they’re real or imagined.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bruno Mars--Songs More Theatrics than Substance?

Yo B_Mars, quit writing lyrics like you’re in middle school.  The only person you impress is probably your Olde Englishe teacher, he probably thought you didn’t know how to read.   Congrats, you defied his expectations.  But I must ask… ever since developing such an illustrious career, do you ever question the worth of your words?  Now when you say “I'd catch a grenade for ya, Throw my head on a blade for ya,
jump in front of a train for ya,” – does that mean I have to choose one, or can I get a bit of all three?  Cause if it’s the latter, I’d choose maybe like a spinning blade that chucks a grenade.

It's also real apparent that you’re writing out of your element when you mention that someone “cuts the breaks out your car.”  No doubt a pop singer from Hawaii, such as yourself, would be subject to these strategic attempts on your life.  Singing about traveling the world and seeing pretty girls probably warrants a bounty on your head somewhere, maybe in Tajikistan or Qatar (which btw is the only English noun to have an A after a Q, instead of a U).  But c’mon, real threats on you boy America?  You’re about as hate-able as Joey Chestnut.  Not a chance!

Well; I’m sold Bruno Marz.  Consider me your biggest Number 1 fan.  So if I ever need you to catch a grenade for me, I’m counting on it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Why I love MLK Jr. Day.

For the last seven years I’ve gotten a few hours or even the full day off every 3rd Monday of January in observation of his birthday (which is actually on the 15th).  Created by the U.S. just like Kwanzaa, in celebration of black heritage.  MLK Jr. Day knows its worth—it doesn’t demand we go out and frivolously spend money or gorge ourselves with life shortening treats.  Instead, it suggests we chill out and love what we do have in our life.  To fully express my appreciation, I hugged a black person today – well kinda... native american

So here are 10 reasons I love MLK Jr. Day [what it stands for] and why you should too
1)      it’s a paid government holiday
2)      MLK Jr. is one of few who’s birthdays create a government holiday.  Others include George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and Jesus.  That’s quite a guest list.
3)      The U.S. kicks ass in Olympic sports, and not just in swimming and archery.
4)      Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B (and gospel and mo-town)
5)      Mya Marie Harris
6)      Dwayne Wade
7)      Learning How to Dougie
8)      The Chocolate Shake at The Weiners Circle in Chicago
9)      Obama (maybe)
10)   “I have a dream”—A speech that defines inspiration

Question of the day: Is Ke$ha Hot?

If you polled most guys this question they’d probably come to a consensus—no.    At least this is the answer I hear when people ask.  Before today I had never seen Kesha, but by evidence of her songs, I was skeptical that a young artist so full of energy and style couldn’t be attractive.  I consider myself an expert on beauty appreciation so I investigated.  This was a case for Detective Shin.  I watched a few videos—she’s not exactly a poster girl for Victoria’s Secret, but that doesn’t mean much, cause, well neither are you.  Sorry (not really).  

Let’s resolve this by mentioning her video for “Your Love is My Drug.”  Begin reel:  She’s waking up in the desert adorned in native apparel, wearing a tiger mask, and riding an elephant.  I’ll admit my first thoughts:  Aha.  She must be advocating for progression in Africa.—but my hunch was short lived after seeing a Joshua tree (see image below), only endemic to the Southwest U.S.   The idiosyncrasy dawned on me.   Pop stars can afford to fly an elephant to the Mojave Desert… Duh.   But honestly whoa, in serious touch with her inner animal.  She pushes on, about half way through the song, animation kicks in and transforms the reel into some sort of beat driven version of The Life Aquatic meets The Yellow Submarine directed by Salvador Dali.   She seals the deal by donning a boa constrictor on her glow in the dark paint covered body, which follows Newton’s fourth law:  Things that glow are better than things that don’t.  Kesha.   You've got sexy in your way.  I’m sold even though nobody else is.

 Joshua Trees Near the Outskirts of the Grand Canyon