Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bruno Mars--Songs More Theatrics than Substance?

Yo B_Mars, quit writing lyrics like you’re in middle school.  The only person you impress is probably your Olde Englishe teacher, he probably thought you didn’t know how to read.   Congrats, you defied his expectations.  But I must ask… ever since developing such an illustrious career, do you ever question the worth of your words?  Now when you say “I'd catch a grenade for ya, Throw my head on a blade for ya,
jump in front of a train for ya,” – does that mean I have to choose one, or can I get a bit of all three?  Cause if it’s the latter, I’d choose maybe like a spinning blade that chucks a grenade.

It's also real apparent that you’re writing out of your element when you mention that someone “cuts the breaks out your car.”  No doubt a pop singer from Hawaii, such as yourself, would be subject to these strategic attempts on your life.  Singing about traveling the world and seeing pretty girls probably warrants a bounty on your head somewhere, maybe in Tajikistan or Qatar (which btw is the only English noun to have an A after a Q, instead of a U).  But c’mon, real threats on you boy America?  You’re about as hate-able as Joey Chestnut.  Not a chance!

Well; I’m sold Bruno Marz.  Consider me your biggest Number 1 fan.  So if I ever need you to catch a grenade for me, I’m counting on it.

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  1. hahah I am with you on this. Don't forget about good old Qantas though.