Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When in Brugge

Now where can you find jerk, miso, and curry sauces all on the same menu?  Follow that with pâté, crepes, et Prince Edward Island mussels and you'll soon find yourself a far way from Kansas.  While Brugge's European style menu does not boast a vast array of tastes, it certainly has more than a few distinct dishes you won't be finding soon at a TGIF near you.  Certainly, Brugge has much to offer to anybody with a curious palatte, but even for those who enjoy simpler flavors they hit a homerun (or at least a Tripel).  What am I speaking of?  The frites of course!  I would be exaggerating if I said the frites were amazing, but they're pretty damn good.  Deftly seasoned-peppered fries with a crisp exterior and firm substance that will make you think of what your grandma's fries could have been (sorry grandma).  The next question is which sauce to use.  Remember, Europeans don't use ketchup, but rather cream based sauces.--Samuel L. Jackson once eloquently said, "you know what they put on their fries in Holland instead of ketchup?   Mayonnaise, they drown 'em in it."  So go ahead, experiment, indulge, and make those frites swim in it.  Don't worry, no one's judging ;)

Brugge Brasserie located in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, IN.  Go there.

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  1. your grandma made you french fries? did she learn that in korea?

  2. yep,sure did. Imagine tempura made straight from potato slices.

  3. Nice I love that place. Don't forget to get a Triple De Ripple beer also - 9.85% ABV ...