Monday, January 17, 2011

Why I love MLK Jr. Day.

For the last seven years I’ve gotten a few hours or even the full day off every 3rd Monday of January in observation of his birthday (which is actually on the 15th).  Created by the U.S. just like Kwanzaa, in celebration of black heritage.  MLK Jr. Day knows its worth—it doesn’t demand we go out and frivolously spend money or gorge ourselves with life shortening treats.  Instead, it suggests we chill out and love what we do have in our life.  To fully express my appreciation, I hugged a black person today – well kinda... native american

So here are 10 reasons I love MLK Jr. Day [what it stands for] and why you should too
1)      it’s a paid government holiday
2)      MLK Jr. is one of few who’s birthdays create a government holiday.  Others include George Washington, Christopher Columbus, and Jesus.  That’s quite a guest list.
3)      The U.S. kicks ass in Olympic sports, and not just in swimming and archery.
4)      Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B (and gospel and mo-town)
5)      Mya Marie Harris
6)      Dwayne Wade
7)      Learning How to Dougie
8)      The Chocolate Shake at The Weiners Circle in Chicago
9)      Obama (maybe)
10)   “I have a dream”—A speech that defines inspiration

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