Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's not Rock, its Rock Lobster

Ladies.  Feeling down in the dumps?  Life got you in a stranglehold?  Your boyfriend just leave you...for someone younger, hotter, and better in pretty much every way?  Well, I can tell you exactly how to get back at him!  Actually, just kidding.  I wouldn't teach you how to do that (you vengeful cuckold), but what I can tell you is how to improve your self esteem--for about 25 minutes.  Its a simple recipe.  Take two shots, get a DD or taxi to drive you to The Rock Lobster (no cover) in Broad Ripple, and dance it up Taio Cruz style.  Provided the Lobster isn't empty (if you go after 11:30pm), you'll have plenty of guys approaching you...and even some girls that wanna rock their bodies.  Now make sure you don't stay too long, cause even the ball turned south for Cinderella after curfew.  The longer you stay, the more you risk losing yourself, having more drinks, feeling bold, talking to strangers... and we all know where that goes.  No worries though, if you pull a Katherine Heigl you can always get sushi and crepes to make you feel classy again.


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