Saturday, January 15, 2011

Part the Red Room Sea

Sweat. Warm, visceral, and wet. The drops that comprise saline. Steam rises from the skin of the crowd until it seems a veritable cloud hovers proof of living, proof of livelihood. Music and lights drive the people below, pulsing with some sort of ordered chaos--the sum of all heart beats. Dancing at The Red Room may not be for the light of heart. You might find yourself neck deep in a sea of people trying to cut loose. You could try and fight the undertow, but sometimes its best to just let the tide take you. The crowded conditions at Red Room are a fire hazard for sure...but I guess that puts the onus on you, to not heat things up, too fast at least. 

The Red Room is located just north of Guilford and  Broad Ripple Ave, 2nd floor.  Cover $5

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