Monday, January 17, 2011

Question of the day: Is Ke$ha Hot?

If you polled most guys this question they’d probably come to a consensus—no.    At least this is the answer I hear when people ask.  Before today I had never seen Kesha, but by evidence of her songs, I was skeptical that a young artist so full of energy and style couldn’t be attractive.  I consider myself an expert on beauty appreciation so I investigated.  This was a case for Detective Shin.  I watched a few videos—she’s not exactly a poster girl for Victoria’s Secret, but that doesn’t mean much, cause, well neither are you.  Sorry (not really).  

Let’s resolve this by mentioning her video for “Your Love is My Drug.”  Begin reel:  She’s waking up in the desert adorned in native apparel, wearing a tiger mask, and riding an elephant.  I’ll admit my first thoughts:  Aha.  She must be advocating for progression in Africa.—but my hunch was short lived after seeing a Joshua tree (see image below), only endemic to the Southwest U.S.   The idiosyncrasy dawned on me.   Pop stars can afford to fly an elephant to the Mojave Desert… Duh.   But honestly whoa, in serious touch with her inner animal.  She pushes on, about half way through the song, animation kicks in and transforms the reel into some sort of beat driven version of The Life Aquatic meets The Yellow Submarine directed by Salvador Dali.   She seals the deal by donning a boa constrictor on her glow in the dark paint covered body, which follows Newton’s fourth law:  Things that glow are better than things that don’t.  Kesha.   You've got sexy in your way.  I’m sold even though nobody else is.

 Joshua Trees Near the Outskirts of the Grand Canyon

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